Proprietary Air Cooling Technology with Portable 5 Gallon Bucket Convenience - Coming Soon

I am a chemical engineer by trade.  I have worked in the defense industry for nearly 20 years.  Several of those years, I worked for the US Army, as the lead engineer, in the chemical weapons division designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers and well as vapor generation and control devices, called dissemination systems.

While my team and I were researching various vapor generation technologies, we came across some old cold war era studies, calculations, and experiments performed by Army researchers in some recently declassified research studies.

We performed our own studies and analysis, and using modern computer modeling, and computational fluid dynamics, we greatly improved on the over 50 year old studies, and designed and built several dissemination systems that are still being used today in the US Army testing and research centers.

It is this technology and background that I am taking out of the annals of US Army research, and bringing into the commercial world.

I am currently applying for patent and intellectual property rights protection for this proven technology.