14 Days in the outdoors with the 5gallonairconditioner.com EVAP model

14 Days in the outdoors with the 5gallonairconditioner.com EVAP model

14 days in the southern Utah desert in the middle of August, in a tent.

Here is the equipment list:

Solar kit - Panel, 12V battery, 50ft cord

EVAP unit - Variable speed with flow director

Daytime temperatures ranged from mid 80s to low 100s. Humidity ranged from 100% (raining) to 15%, with an average of 25%.

In a word, AMAZING!

Amazing is really the best way to describe how well this setup worked in this environment.

The 50ft cord worked perfectly, as I just set up the panel and didn't have to move it at all.  The 50ft cord was the perfect length, to reach from one end of the camp to another. Just set it and forget it.

I would take the 5 gallon bucket air conditioner EVAP unit inside the tent while napping, and turn the speed down low for low noise, and the flow director would gently direct cool air right on my body making for the perfect resting temperature.

While outside manning the stove cooking lunch or dinner, I would put the 5 gallon air conditioner EVAP unit on that lower table (where pictured) and turn it on high, and the flow director would blow very cool air right on me while standing behind the stove. The noise wasn't bothersome, and the cool air was literally a breath of fresh air. At one point, during one of the 80 degree days, I actually had goose bumps on my arms because of the cold air blowing on me.

After a long hike, I would come back to camp, put on some flip flops, lounge back in the camp chair with a cold beverage, and put my feet on the top of the 5 gallon air conditioner bucket lid, and with the unit turned on high, and with the flow director, it would cool me off very quickly, and even give a chill.

I had the unit running for several hours at a time, as many as 8 continuously, and the battery and panel never lost power, even during overcast days.  I left the solar panel connected to the battery the entire time, so the battery was always fully charged every day, and the system never lost power.

Water consumption wasn't bad.  I would go through about a gallon an hour on average. The 5 gallon air conditioner EVAP model holds about 3 gallons, so on average, I would get 3 hours of usage before having to fill it back up. 

On some of the 80 degree days, I would actually have to shut the air conditioner off, as it was too cold.

As mentioned, it did rain some days.  I left the solar panel alone (where pictured) and tucked the battery under/behind the panel and never had any moisture problems with the battery or the panel functionality.  The flow director provided some shielding from the rain as well on the fan, when I happened to leave the AC unit out in the rain while away from camp.

This EVAP model made the 2 week stay in the desert, not only comfortable, but downright AMAZING.