5gallonairconditioner.com is now OFFGRIDCOMFORT.COM

5gallonairconditioner.com is now OFFGRIDCOMFORT.COM

If you haven't noticed, we have a new look, a new feel, and a new name.

5gallonairconditioner.com is now offgridcomfort.com

With our amazing success with our air conditioners, and with our tremendous feedback for "more stuff" we have decided to make our products and our site more general in nature, yet still stick to our core principle of "Outdoor Comfort and Convenience."

So, we have expanded our product line, and changed the look and feel of the website, to help us further that cause.

Keep watching the website, and reading this blog for the latest updates, as we are currently putting the finishing touches on several new great products that will make your next outdoor experience "that much better."