About us



Here at offgridcomfort.com, we are all about loving the great outdoors, all the while being comfortable as well.  From now on, there is no reason not to be able to have your cake and be able to eat it too.

We are lead by a very talented and passionate outdoor enthusiast, who also happens to be an engineer who has designed and worked on projects and programs for the US Army and NASA as well as private industry.  He also has an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for innovation, comfort, and convenience.

He finally had enough of outdoor products that don't work, work poorly, too big, too bulky, not big enough, not powerful enough, too small, too fragile, too heavy, or just flat out pieces of junk.  In his circle he was called "Goldilock's" because nothing was ever "just right."

With that passion for the outdoors and for items and products that make things "just right" was the driver for him designing, and engineering the products listed here for sale today.

Our products are designed with the following priorities, in order: Performance, Durability, Convenience, Size/Weight/Bulk, Cost and finally Aesthetics.  

If you want the "cheapest" gear around, we're not it.  If you want the prettiest gear around, we're not it. If you want products that work and meet your performance expectations, we ARE your outdoor gear company.

We currently manufacture and sell ready made 5 gallon bucket air conditioners, tent heaters, portable electric blankets, outdoor showers, solar kits, numerous electrical accessories including battery packs, and many, many more products on the horizon that are currently in development and are in field test status.

All of these products are rugged, tested, and engineered to WORK, to last, and to handle the toughest of environments that you can throw at them. They are water resistant, and designed for years of trouble free service. 

This is who we are, and this is what we do!