TESTIMONIALS from real customers

"My friend referred me to you, we got to try out the EVAP model, and it works great!"

"This is a great idea, I am going to tell all my work associates."

"Purchased this for a friend who drives a Transit Van and often sleeps in it after  long haul jobs. He was very pleased with the product and has recommended it to other drivers."

"It's a great product, a little pricey, but overall great value."

"Love the portability."

"I love this product. It cools off my entire garage, plus it's economical too!"

"Just got back from Burning Man. The AC unit was great out there."

"The AC unit gave us that extra hour of sleep/nap time before it started getting hot."

"We were very happy with it."

"Had my hunters tryout your heated blankets while stand hunting in northern Manitoba. Those things worked great.  I want to order 50 more." (temp was 25 below)