Portable Air Conditioner - THE CUP

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Here is an extremely portable Air Conditioner that will fit into almost any cup holder.  The portable AC unit, comes in 2 models.  The Evap model and the ICE model.  Both models utilize a 40 ounce stainless steel cup, and both models have 3 power options, namely a 3ft cigarette lighter power cord, or 2 different "battery pack" options,  one that uses 2 9V batteries, and the other uses 8 D cell batteries.   The 2-9V option has about 2 hours of run time, the 8 D cell option has about 10 hours of run time.

Both of these portable air conditioners are perfect for outdoor applications, like ATV and UTVs, golf carts, baseball and soccer games, even industrial uses like backhoe and bulldozer applications. 

The Evap model uses water for the cooling medium.  It is a very simple operation, just simply fill the cup with water, and plug in the power cord.  The water capacity will last on average almost 2 hours depending on conditions.

The ICE model uses ice for the cooling medium.  It is very simple to operate as well. Simply fill the cup to the holes with ice, and plug in the power cord.  Depending on the outside conditions, the ice will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.