12VDC Tent Heater

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Portable Tent Heater utilizing forced air for quicker warmth.

Utilizes 12 VDC power (10ft power cord included) so there are no flames, no fumes, no sparks, no bottles to replace, no inverter, and the heating element is centered in the bucket, so there is no hot surface to touch/burn through the tent.

Forced air allows quicker space heat up time, and gives you that "at home" warmth and feel.

Also allows for better air flow and circulation, which prevents 'cold spots' in the tent.

Rugged 5 gallon bucket construction allows for rugged transport and convenient storage.

  • Low Power Model is 1000 BTU and up to 100 CFM - perfect size for a 4 man tent in early fall conditions
  • High Power Model is 2000 BTU and up to 250 CFM - perfect size for an 8 man tent in early fall, or a 4 man tent in winter
  • 10 ft power cord included - Use 12VDC, no propane, no kerosene, no butane
  • Variable speed fan - Easily adjustable to blow warm air upward or outward
  • Rugged construction, no fumes, no flames or sparks, designed for tent use, but could be used anywhere