Utah Big Game Draw Odds

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Now there is FINALLY a way to get the information you really want, without having to try and decipher the UTAH DWR big game draw report.

All of the hard work is done for you with this report.

 This report will tell you your specific odds, for each area, for each weapon, for each number of bonus points.

All premium and limited entry tags are included in this report. Excluding low volume CWMUs (as there simply isn't enough data to accurately predict the odds).

This report, for instance will tell you, that if you have 10 bonus points for elk, and you want to know which areas give you the highest probability of drawing?  This report data will make that simple for you. 

What if, for example, you have 12 bonus points for deer, and you want to know your precise odds of drawing the rifle Henry's tag?  This report will tell you that as well.

This downloadable PDF report, takes the existing data, utilizing statistics and a proprietary trend probability analysis algorithm,to forecast the current draw odds utilizing the big game drawing rules and regulations currently in place with the Utah DWR. 

Very easy to read with 3 simple columns: Bonus Points, Bonus Points Odds, and Individual Odds.

Bonus Points - Simply the number of bonus points you currently have

Bonus Points Odds - These are the odds that someone that has this number of bonus points will draw a tag.

Individual Odds - These are the odds that you will draw the tag for each bonus point level